Why is my activation pending?

If you tried to activate your vehicle and received an Activation Pending status, please check the following:

  1. When attempting to accept the in-vehicle prompt, ensure that your vehicle is:
    • On, running, in park, and in an open area.
    • Your vehicle must be running and not in accessory mode. 
  2. Check your cellular strength and ensure you and the vehicle have a strong network connection.
  3. Were you able to use commands in the past?
    • If yes, you may have another account that contains your authorized vehicle. Please log out and try logging into the other account.
    • If no, proceed to the next step.
  4. Are you getting a message that the vehicle has already been activated?
    • Yes, but I am the only user - You may have another account that contains your authorized vehicle. Please log out and try logging in with your other account.
    • Yes, but I am a secondary user - You will need approval from an authorized user. 
      1. Tap the Request Authorization button in FordPass.
      2. A message will be sent to the Primary User. 
      3. Once approved, you will have access to remote commands. 

If you attempted/confirmed the steps above and your vehicle did not activate, please contact a Guide for assistance.

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