How do I Activate my Vehicle's FordPass Connect™ Modem?

To activate the FordPass Connect modem, you must first:

  1. On the FordPass App, navigate to Home.
  2. Tap Activate Vehicle.
  3. A pop-up will notify you that the activation is now in progress. Tap Okay to close the pop-up.
  4. Access your vehicle. Turn it on in an open, well-ventilated, and safe area with a strong cellular connection.
  5. Within 10 seconds, a request to enable FordPass Connected Services will display on the SYNC® screen.
    • To enable, select Yes.
    • To deny, select No.
    • Select Remind Me if you wish to approve or deny at a later time.
  6. Once Yes is selected, a pop-up displays on SYNC confirming FordPass is activated. Tap Close to return to the SYNC main screen.
  7. Open FordPass and tap Home. Your remote controls now display beneath your connected vehicle's image.


  • Activation may take up to 90 seconds to complete once FordPass is enabled on SYNC.
  • Remind Me may be selected up to 10 times. After 10 times, the activation request is cancelled.
  • The FordPass Connect Modem cannot be retrofitted to older, non-connected vehicles.

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