How do I remote start my vehicle using FordPass®?

Before using remote start with FordPass, you must first:

  1. On FordPass, navigate to Home.
  2. If multiple vehicles are added to the app, select the vehicle you wish to start from the Vehicle Selector list.
  3. Press and hold on the Start button.

The vehicle will run for five, ten, or fifteen minutes, depending on the in-vehicle remote start settings.


  • Remote start is unavailable on manual transmission vehicles.
  • To use remote start, the vehicle must be in Park and the bonnet must be closed. 
  • If you remote start the vehicle, someone cannot drive off in it, if a door was inadvertently left open. To take the vehicle out of Park, your vehicle will require either a proximity key and a press of the Stop/Start button, or a normal ignition key inserted and the ignition turned on (in lower series vehicles).
  • Ranger and Everest have a default engine running time of 15 minutes, unless a proximity key is present and the start button is pressed, or a key is entered into the ignition and turned on (in lower series vehicles). Members can change the default duration to 5, 10 or 15 minutes, via the SYNC® system or the Instrument Cluster.

Additional Information

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