Premium Protection Plus

Premium Protection PLUS
Your total peace of mind is assured all the way with Ford Premium Protection Plus (PPP) Program.

Authorized professional maintenance ensures your Ford will last longer, perform better and yield even greater resale value!
If your Ford car is your best travel companion, you would certainly want it to be with you as long as possible. Ford Thailand now offers you the opportunity to make your Ford car even more dependable and worthwhile when you invest in its Premium Protection Plus (PPP) program. As soon as your normal warranty period ends, the program will automatically extend the warranty of your car to as long as five years or 150,000 kilometers*, plus an array of excellent after-sale services from our experienced mechanic teams who are ready to give your car optimal care at any Ford Service Center throughout Thailand.

Feel at ease with a budget you can control

The PPP program allows you to feel totally at ease while on the road. You will no longer have to worry about unexpected expenditure in repairing your car in the future because our well-trained technicians offer you superb maintenance service, supported by the availability in 14 categories. Moreover, you will feel even more protected on the road with our dependable 24-hour Ford Roadside Assistance service throughout the warranty period.

Feel more secure, and add greater value to your Ford car

The PPP program allows you to transfer all benefits over to the future owner(s) of your Ford car. The benefits are as follows.

  • Coverage of a similar number of spare parts as that of a new Ford car
  • Coverage of labor cost in repairing
  • Guarantee of genuine spare parts and service from Ford-trained mechanics
  • Automatic warranty extension as soon as the existing one expires
  • Ability to choose a suitable program that best suits your needs
  • Adding resale value to your Ford car (program benefits are fully transferable to the new owner)
  • No need to worry about any unexpected expense on repairs or spare parts as the comprehensive PPP program covers both the costs of spare parts and service fees
  • Maximum claim value is the price of the vehicle as of the day of purchase.
  • Unlimited number of claims
  • Eligibility for Ford Roadside Assistance throughout the warranty period

Extended warranty
on top of new vehicle warranty
Maximum distance (kilometers)
12 months 100,000 kilometers
24 months 100,000 kilometers
12 months / 20,000 kilometers 120,000 kilometers
24 months / 50,000 kilometers 150,000 kilometers

Values you can expect

Conventional first class insurance Premium Protection PLUS
Theft or accident Damages to parts from normal use
The truth is such incident may or may not occur The truth is parts invariably wear as you use the vehicle
You are paying to protect yourself from risks Wise spending before the problems materialize

Premium Protection Plus Program:

Price for vehicles that have no more 9 months or 15,000 km. of use (Choose either one or the other) Price for vehicles that have more than 9 months or 15,000 km. but no more than 35 months of use (Choose either one or the other)
Duration/ Extended Distance Value
+1 year / +0 km. +1 year / +20000 km. +2 year s/ +0 km. +2 years / +50000 km. +1 year / +0 km. +1 year / +20000 km. +2 years / +0 km. +2 years / +50000 km.
Fiesta 12,200 12,800 15,700 21,900 15,000 16,000 21,500 25,500
EcoSport 12,200 12,800 15,700 21,900 15,000 16,000 21,500 25,500
Focus 16,600 17,500 23,800 25,400 19,500 20,500 28,500 30,500
Escape 17,900 18,900 25,400 28,200 21,000 22,500 30,500 34,000
Everest 14,500 15,200 19,800 21,700 20,500 21,500 27,000 29,500
Ranger 4x2 10,700 11,100 14,500 15,600 13,500 14,500 18,500 20,000
Ranger 4x4 12,900 13,300 17,000 18,300 16,000 17,000 22,000 23,500


  • The above price, as of Jun 1, 2016, is inclusive of 7% VAT. Benefits may be changed without prior notification.
  • Applicable to vehicles which have been in use for no longer than 35 months or 100,000 kilometers, and, regularly serviced at a Ford service center as scheduled.
  • Programs do not cover periodically replaced parts such as wiper blades, spark plugs, belts, hoses, brake pads, friction materials, clutch facings, exhaust system, catalytic converters, batteries and bulbs, tires, paint work, panel or bodywork and their components, components made of glass, trim or decorative components, suspension bushings, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, alloy wheels and audio equipment.
  • Further Coverage details will be on PPP booklet.

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