What is the New Vehicle Warranty?

Every new vehicle benefits from a Ford New Vehicle Warranty that customers access via Ford Authorised Dealers. This warranty covers any part of the vehicle that requires repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect. The part will be repaired or replaced free of charge by any Ford Authorised Dealer, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the warranty period.

The warranty starts on the date of registration for a Dealership demonstrator or Service/Parts loan vehicle. For a non Dealership demonstrator or Service/Parts loan vehicle, the warranty starts on the date the customer took delivery of the vehicle.

Warranty 3 years/100,000 km.

The warranty period for all new Ford vehicles before Next Gen Model is 3 years/100,000 kilometre* (whichever comes first) Warranty*. If you have any questions about the timing of your warranty period, please contact your Ford Authorised Dealers.

*Warranty conditions apply. 3 years/100,000 kilometre* (whichever comes first) Ford New Vehicles Warranty applies to new, demonstrator and service loaner vehicles and warranty period commences on the date of delivery.

Warranty 5 years/150,000 km.

Next-Gen vehicle quality warranty from the factory for 5 years/150,000 kilometers (whichever comes first)* If you have questions about the warranty period Please contact your Ford dealer.

*The Ford's 5 year/150,000 km* New Vehicle Quality Warranty (whichever comes first) applies only to Next-Gen vehicles, with the warranty period beginning on the date delivery date.

Premium Care 5-5-5 for “Mustang” warranty of : 5YEAR/ 100,000 km.

However, Some vehicles might get Ford seasonal campaign of “Premium Care 5-5-5” or Extended warranty 5Year/100,000 KM. Customer can check out your vehicle warranty in vehicle warranty booklet ,or extended warranty sticker pasted on warranty booklet.


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Ford 5 Years Premium Care

Premium Extended Warranty