How do I Pair a Phone with SYNC 2?

Pairing is what allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to communicate with each other securely.

  • The phone book can be downloaded, along with contact photos and voice commands are set. [May vary by phone]

  • Any duplicates are arranged into a candidates list so that the correct line can be chosen using voice e.g. “line 1” etc. or the touch screen

  • The options for how to proceed are then listed for the driver to choose, e.g. Call

  • Once a phone is paired Ford SYNC 2 will remember it and re-pair it automatically whenever it is in range

  • The system stores the phonebook and text messages so it only needs to look for changes rather than downloading all of the information again when re- indexing

  • Only text messages received whilst in the car are stored, the system cannot synchronise prior messages on the phone

  • Any information Ford SYNC 2 uses from the phone is only available when it is in the car

  • Up to 12 phones can be paired