How Do I Set Map Preferences For SYNC 3 Navigation?

  1. Press the settings button and select navigation
  2. Select ’Map Preferences’ tab on the touchscreen to choose from the following options:


This feature will display the vehicle’s previously travelled route with white dots. The system can store around 50 km.

  • On: Enable route tracking on the map
  • Off: Disable route tracking on the map

3D city model

Graphical representation of city buildings. Only available in 3-D View and a zoom level of 50m or below.

  • On: Enable graphical representation of buildings
  • Off: Disable graphical representation of buildings

POI icons

  • Off: Do not display POIs
  • On: Display POIs of preferred categories on the map. Up to 3 categories can be selected from the list.

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For navigation update, please contact to Ford dealer..