How do I Pair my Phone with SYNC 3?

Before you can use your phone in your Ford, you have to create a Bluetooth® connection. So if you need to, check your mobile‘s user manual for Bluetooth® functions then:

  • Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth® function.
  • On your Sync 'Phone' screen, select 'Add a phone'
  • On your phone, in the Bluetooth menu, select 'SYNC'.
  • A personal PIN will now appear on the radio display. Enter or agree with this PIN in your mobile phone.
  • If no PIN appears on the radio display, enter ‘0000’ in your mobile phone then the PIN that appears on the radio display.
  • If your phone asks if you would like this connection to be automatic in future, confirm with “Yes.”
  • Now your phone is active and you can use the handsfree functions.

If you authorise the Bluetooth® connection to Ford Audio, your phone will automatically connect when the vehicle is started (see the user manual for your phone).

  • If the Bluetooth® connection is unstable, it may help to restart your mobile occasionally.
  • You can register up to six mobile phones in the system, but only one can be the active phone you use to make or take calls.
  • You have several options for making a phone call using your Ford audio system, which are described in the next section.

For additional SYNC-related questions, please visit SYNC® Support.

For specific information on your vehicle, refer to your Owners Manual.