How do I use a USB Drive with SYNC?

  • When a device is plugged into the vehicles USB port the system will try to read the contents and determine if any supported music files are found.
  • The system will index any supported music files that are found. The SYNC system will then attempt to build speech commands from the indexed music files.
  • To ensure proper operation, you must ensure that you music file metadata is accurate. Please see the topic titled SYNC Media Metadata for more information on metadata.
  • The supported music file types are: SYNC 1 & 2 - .mp3, .wma, .wav, and .aac. SYNC 3 – .mp3, .wma, .wav, .aac, .flac, and .ogg.
  • Playback of a USB device is initiated with the voice command “USB” or by using the menu/screen of the SYNC system. The specific information on starting USB playback including what voice commands are available can be found in the Owners Manual.
  • You can also see the topic SYNC Voice Commands for specific information on USB playback and voice commands.