How do I Setting Valet Mode with SYNC?

Valet mode allows you to lock the system. No information is accessible until the system is unlocked with the correct PIN.

When you select valet mode a pop-up appears informing you that a four digit code must be entered to enable and disable valet mode. You can use any PIN you chose but you must use the same PIN to disable valet mode. The system asks you to input the code.

Note: If the system is locked and you cannot remember the PIN, please contact an authorised Ford dealer.

The Steps To Enable Valet Mode Are As follows:

From the touch screen:

  1. Go to the setting menu
  2. Select vehicle setting
  3. Select enable valet mode
  4. Create a four digit PIN and enter it twice as prompted
  5. Press continue to lock the system.

Reset PIN

If you do not recall the PIN you have created, please contact your local Ford Dealer for assistance with resetting the PIN. This information isnot provided in the Owner’s Manual.

For additional SYNC-related questions, please visit SYNC Support.