What is the Complaints Process?

We hope all of Ford owners have a trouble free motoring experience however; should any problem occur, or in the event of any dispute, as a consumer your first point of contact should be with your local dealership or ideally your point of sale.

  • Talk to the people at your dealership. Explain what you would like. If you have any queries, in most cases they will be resolved on the spot.
  • If not, ask to speak with the appropriate Ford dealer manager (Service, Sales or Parts). Explain your request to them, and why it wasn't resolved.
  • If you need further help, speak or meet with the Dealer Principal. He or she owns the business, or is totally responsible for its overall operation.
  • If you need help from Ford, contact the Ford Customer Relationship Centre by email at  fordthai@ford.com or by phone at 1383. Although Ford can help at any stage with enquiries or provide other advice or assistance, concerns relating to your vehicle are easier to solve if you've spoken to your Ford dealer first.

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