What is the Ford Academy?

It is vital for Ford's success that we constantly have the best qualified employees in the Ford stores. That is why we now run our Ford Certified Training Program, which includes employees on both the sales and workshop sites.

The education program is generally aimed at ensuring a high professional level of employees in Ford businesses, both in terms of technical and non-technical training.

Our education requirements and offers vary greatly depending on the job area, but common to all teaching is that it is the customer experience that is at the center. As we train our employees, it is always in order to provide customers with the best possible experience every time they are in contact with Ford.

The Ford Academy was established in 2007 in line with Ford Thailand’s vision to the delivery of a differentiated, transformational training experience for its dealerships as a means of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. By engaging the Dealer network the Academy has been able to deliver training as Core Education Training and Development, foundation programs and Tactical strategic programs, as well as Short focused training, Business impact programs, Certificate and Diploma qualifications, Business Management and Automotive sales and Administration.