What Should Be Done If A Vehicle Is Leaking Fuel?

If a customer vehicle is leaking fuel (or they suspect it might be), please have them tow it to their local dealership as soon as possible for investigation and diagnosis of the root cause.

A leaking fuel line can be discovered by looking for puddles or stains underneath the vehicle when parked, usually with a strong fuel odour. A fuel-injection line may also leak, causing a smell of fuel fumes during and immediately after driving. A fuel-tank vent hose may also leak, causing unburnt fuel to exit the fuel system as vapour.

The fuel gauge may drop a small or large amount, depending on the size of the leak. If they have noticed this, please recommend an inspection to determine if the tank is leaking. But in every case of a suspected fuel leak, please ensure the vehicle is towed to the Dealership in order to minimise of fire and injury to the driver or other road users.