What are the Instrument Clusters Digital Display Benefits?

The most well-known driver information system is the instrument cluster. Numerous displays have been incorporated into it during its  development. They indicate correct functioning or malfunction of the monitored circuits. There are different versions depending on the vehicle type and equipment. The information is shown there in both digital and analogue format.

The instrument cluster in modern vehicles informs the driver of numerous parameters relating to the vehicle. In addition to the analogue dials for speed and rpm, digital displays are often integrated which indicate e.g. the mileage and the time, or inform the driver about the engine coolant/outside air temperature.

In newer vehicles, it is also possible to change various parameters of individual systems (e.g. automatic transaxle, steering).

Moreover, the functions of other systems (e.g. collision warning display, tire pressure monitoring system, navigation, telephone) can also be displayed in the instrument cluster. For this purpose, various displays (dot display or LCD (liquid crystal display)) are installed in the instrument cluster according to the respective functionalities.

your vehicle is equipped with a dual cluster display, the second display gives you access to the most used functions of the touchscreen, such as entertainment, climate, phone and navigation.