What is Anti-Lock Brake System?

The purpose of the anti-lock brake system is to:

  • Provide directional stability during braking;
  • Provide steerability when braking;
  • Provide the optimum braking distance on all road surface conditions;

The anti-lock brake system uses electronics to control the braking force applied to the wheels.

Directional stability is retained by the anti-lock brake system by reducing the braking force at any wheel that is about to lock. This prevents the car from skidding about its vertical axis.

Anti-lock brake systems prevent wheel lock-up under heavy braking so you can maintain control and steering.

Anti-lock brake systems adapt to changes in road conditions. This allows the braking distance to be optimized.

Operation of the anti-lock brake system does not reduce the vehicles braking distance.

Antilock Braking System Warning Lamp If the ABS indicator illuminates when you are driving, this indicates a malfunction. Your Brake System Indicator vehicle continues to have normal braking without the anti-lock braking system function. See an authorized dealer.
It also momentarily illuminates when you switch the ignition on to confirm the lamp is functional. If it does not illuminate when you switch the ignition on, or begins to flash at any time, have the system checked by an authorized dealer.