How Does Keyless Entry Work?

The Ford Keyless Entry system lets you lock and unlock your car, without taking your key out of your pocket or bag. Sensors around the car detect the presence of the ‘passive key’ and activate the locking mechanism accordingly. 

As long as your key fob is with you, in your bag or pocket, the system senses when it’s within range of your car.  Just pull on the front door handles and they’ll unlock. 

Once inside, put your foot on the brake, press the START/POWER button and drive away. There’s no need to have your keys in your hand at any time.

Using Keyless Entry

Unlocking the Doors
Passive Unlock
With your passive key within 1 m of your vehicle, touch the unlock sensor on the back of the door handle for a brief period and then pull on the door handle to unlock, being careful not to touch the lock sensor at the same time or pull on the door handle too quickly. The intelligent access system requires a brief delay to authenticate your passive key.

Locking the Doors
Lock the Car - Passive Lock
With your passive key within 1 m of your vehicle, touch the outer door handle lock sensor for approximately one second to lock, being careful not to touch the unlock sensor on the back of the door handle at the same time. After locking, you can immediately pull on the door handle to confirm locking occurred without inadvertently unlocking.

Keyless Entry Settings

Switching Keyless Entry On and Off

  1. Switch the ignition on using an original key that has not been created as a MyKey.
  2. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  3. Press Vehicle Settings.
  4. Press Locks.
  5. Switch Intelligent Access on or off.

Reprogramming the Unlocking Function

You can enable the one-stage unlocking function allowing you to unlock all doors when you touch the unlock sensor.

Press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons on the remote control for four seconds to disable or enable two-stage unlocking.

This setting can also be modified in the vehicle Settings menu on the touchscreen, under Locks.

If you program the unlocking function so that only the driver door unlocks, you can unlock all of the other doors by pressing the unlock button on your remote or from inside your vehicle using the power door lock control. You can unlock individual doors by pulling the interior door handles on those doors.

Keyless Entry Limitations

Make sure your remote control is within 1 m from the front door handles.

The system could not function if:

  • The remote control remains stationary for about a minute.
  • The vehicle battery has no charge.
  • The remote control battery has no charge.
  • There is interference causing issues with the remote control frequencies.
  • The remote control is too close to metal objects or electronic devices, for example keys or a cell phone.

For further information please see your owner's manual or speak to your local dealership.

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