How do I Schedule a Pickup and Delivery Request Using the FordPass App®?

To use Pickup and Delivery in FordPass, you must first:

  1. On the FordPass App, navigate to the Service landing page.
  2. Tap the Book Service tile.
  3. The app routes you to the Ford Agenda site. Select Pickup and Delivery.
  4. Tap OK on the prompt asking you to share your location.
  5. You can use the address based on your current location, or tap Update Address to use another location. Please note that only one address can be used for pickup and drop-off.
  6. Select your Preferred Ford Dealer. If they do not offer Pickup and Delivery, you can choose another from the list of nearby Dealers.
  7. Select the Date and Time for your service.
  8. A popup displays an overview of what to expect on the day of service. Tap OK on the popup.
  9. Tap Continue.
  10. Select the Maintenance package you want to be performed on your vehicle. If you do not want a maintenance package at this time, tap the box next to I don't want to perform a maintenance.
  11. Tap Continue.
  12. Select a Service Package. If you do not want a service package at this time, tap Continue.
    Note: Pickup and Delivery counts as a service package and will be listed as such in your Booking.
  13. Select a preferred contact method, including:
    • Text Message (SMS)
    • FordPass
    • Email
  14. The Booking Overview page displays. To complete your Booking tap the Finish Booking button.

Once the Booking Success screen displays, your Pickup and Delivery request is complete. This page also offers an ID code for future reference, and the option to save the service date to your calendar.

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