What is Active Park Assist?

Active Park Assist 2.0

Ford Ranger & Ford Everest can be reversed into the parking space easily by pressing one button. Highly sensitive detection sensors can help find side-by-side parking spaces. Before controlling the steering wheel, the car turns into the parking space. Including throttle, gear and brake controls, where the driver can take control of the car at any time by tapping the brakes or release the Park Assist button that was pressed. In addition, the parking assistance system can also force the car out of the side-by-side parking space simply by starting the system and shift into N gear before the system does the rest for you. Whenever the system is parked, the vehicle can be moved forward to exit the parking space. The system will prompt you to control the car yourself. This system works with 360 cameras around the car, rear cameras, front-back sensors, no matter how you park, the new Ford Ranger can handle it.
*For Everest Titanium+ 4X4 only

Intelligent Park Assist 2.0 is only available in vehicles equipped with an Electronic Shifter automatic transmission and cannot replace the driver's concentration, judgment and control of the vehicle. Please study the details and restrictions from the owner's manual.
*For Ranger Raptor only