How do I Schedule Express Service in the FordPass® App?

In order to schedule as Express Service, you must first add your vehicle to the FordPass App.

  1. On the FordPass App, navigate to Service.
  2. Tap the Service Booking tile.
  3. The app routes you to the Ford Agenda site. Select Express Service.
  4. Tap Agree on the Express Service Terms and Conditions.
  5. Select your Preferred Ford Dealer on the Dealers page. If your Preferred Dealer does not offer Express Service, you can select another one from the list of Dealers that offer the service.
  6. Select a Time and Date.
  7. Select the Maintenance type, and tap Continue.
    Note: Express Service is only offered for periodic maintenance.
  8. Select your preferred contact method, including:
    • SMS
    • FordPass
    • Email
  9. The Summary page displays. You can make changes by tapping the Change button next to each section, or tap Finish Booking to submit your Express Service booking.

Note: Tap Additional Info on the Summary page to review the Express Service Terms and Conditions.

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