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Policy Of Information Protection Of Ford Sales And Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Policy of Information Protection

Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) "Ford" is committed to its great responsibility to keep customers' personal information secure which follows the principle of personal right protection and conforms to relating laws. We give priority to customers' personal right. We also apply policy and process in relation to personal information management in accordance with the law of personal right. Our policy concerning information protection covers all operations to any personal information received through method collecting information, aim of information application and entitled persons to the information

What is personal information?

The personal information is any information indicating that it is you, such as name, address telephone number and email address.

How do we have your personal information? And, how is it used?

Ford receives customers' personal information from our authorized dealers. For example, when you purchase any product from us, our dealer requests you to give it certain information in order that we can

  • record information relating to purchasing car in favour of warrantee;
  • record information relating to purchasing products in favour of registration;
  • notify you of any special program relating to your car;
  • provide you with Ford Roadside Assistance;
  • contact you to survey your satisfaction with our products and services.

Upon your request, we may use your information to notify you of products and services or special offers which may benefit you from time to time. We may also collect your personal information from any transaction which you directly do with us through our contact centre, customer service centre, website or magazine on internet. However, if we want to collect information from aforesaid channel, we will always inform you that whom the information will be use to, how it will be used, and what it will be used with

What will happen if you fail to give Ford your personal information?

Generally you are not bound to give us your personal information. However, if you prefer not to give us your personal information, we may not be able to notify you of information relating to products and services. For example, you fail to specify category and model of products purchased, we cannot inform you of information of new products which will be useful to the one.

To whom will we disclose your personal information?

Ford cooperates with services provider companies in many areas such as post service, carriage of goods, market analysis, sale promotion activity. Occasionally, for efficient achievement of those, we need to disclose certain customers' personal information to the service provider companies. Whenever those disclosure need to be done, we and the services provider companies ensure that personal information disclosed will be used for certain purpose. Any operation to the personal information will not violate the law of personal right. We may also disclose certain statistic information to the governmental body; however, we will not disclose any information indicating that you are our customer.

How do we treat your personal information?

Ford takes security seriously and precaution to keep your personal information secure from any use, disclosure and any alteration without given permission. We train our employees to be aware of their roles and duty affecting personal information management. The authorized employee is entitled to learn the personal information and use it to the extent of his responsibility. Your personal information will not be distributed to any irrelevant organizations and we will not share your personal information other than related services provider companies (as specified above) only.

How do we treat information disclosed by your job application

If you send us your application, we will use such information for our consideration. For example, we may disclose certain information of the application to related organization for the purpose of personal recruitment such as capability test, health inspection and activities relating to human resources management. For any jobs application, you may need to fill in questionnaire concerning health and may take health inspection. Furthermore, you are requested to give us permission to disclose your information written into questionnaire to organizations relating to health inspection arrangement. Also you will allow those organizations to report the result of your health inspection to us. We may request you to give us your consent for allocating your personal information to other organizations in association with us, in the event that you may meet the requirement of such organization.

The customers' personal information received by us is correct or not

Ford may use our best effort to maintain the correctness nature of the personal information. However, we believe in correctness of your personal information received by us directly or indirectly. Should certain information which you find is incorrect or to which you wish to make any amendment, please contact us as detailed below.

How do you can access to amend your personal information controlled by us?

Ford may inform you of your personal information we have in order that you can check its correctness and amend any mistake. If we cannot let you check certain information, we may give you reason. Should you wish to check the correctness or make amendment of your personal information, please contact to:

  • our customer service in Bangkok, telephone number: 66(0) 2686-5899 and province, telephone number: 1-800-225-449 (free call for province);
  • website;
  • our customer service in the case of mail:
    Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) Company Limited;
    98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 11th - 12th and 14th Fl., Unit 1410-12, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
    Tel: 66 (0) 2686 4000
    Fax: 66 (0) 2661-8344

To whom should you contact if you have any query regarding personal information management?

If you have any query regarding our management to personal information, please send your letter to our customer service centre:

Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) Company Limited;
98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 11th - 12th and 14th Fl., Unit 1410-12, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 66 (0) 2686 4000
Fax: 66 (0) 2661-8344

We may inform you in writing as soon as we receive letter from you. Also, we will proceed in accordance with your request and inform you of procedure and means to solve problems.

Change to policy of information protection

Ford reserves the right to change of any information on policy of information protection without giving notice to customer in advance. The update information on policy of information protection can always be checked at

Obligation regarding the confidential information protection on internet

Information regarding the proceedings of information protection of Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) Company Limited

This document explains our policy of collecting your personal information from your access to our website. The Quantity and kind of information received from website depend on your use. Moreover, this website links to other websites; however, the policy is limited to this website. You should read and learn the content regarding information security measures of websites requesting your information.

General use of website

Information we collect from your general use of the website is name of internet provider, name of the website informing us your information, web pages you visit and date of use. We may bring this information useful for statistics and measuring popularity of activity on websites to improve the website for the most benefit of visitors. In the event of normal use of internet, we are not able to collect your personal information, such as name, address, email address, or telephone number.

Acquisition of personal information

There are so many cases which Ford request to have personal information from website visitors for the purpose of providing service and communication, for example forwarding details of promotion and leaflet via mail. The personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, kinds of request and other additional information is regarded by us as strict confidence. We also use the aforesaid information for any transaction pursuant to your request. If you specify that your information given is not to be used to contact you in the future, the information will not be used as specified. Your information given will be used to improve our service provided to you and not to be used by other irrelevant organizations. Your information we have may be transferred to our safety centre abroad in which will treat your information with strict confidence. Should you wish to have information regarding our personal information management or copy of policy of our confidential information protection, please contact our customer service in Bangkok at telephone number: 66 (0) 2686-5899 and province at telephone number: 1-800-225-449 (free call for province).

Use of cookies

Ford use technology so called "cookies" to online for your convenience. The use of cookies is deemed as a new standard of internet industry. You will also find cookies at big websites which are generally popular. A Cookie is a small data file stored in web browser of your computer system. My Ford will store your user name and password in cookies so that you can access to My Ford without login once more. Our cookies may not record personal information such as e-mail address.

Use of our internet service

In the event of use of our internet service such as My Ford, Detivity Campaign and literature request, you may need to give us certain personal information prior to use of our service (such as name, vehicle registration number, address etc.,) so that we can inspect your information and comply strictly with your request. In addition, we may request you to provide us your e-mail address for another communication channel.

E-mail sent to Ford together with personal information

Internet user may decide to send your personal information to Ford, for example statement showing information of product or our service which you use. We will use such information to identify you as our customer to respond with your request and contact you via e-mail only. None of personal information is used for other purpose.

Moreover, content and information in the website may be different from present information or other advertising media due to delay of information improvement on occasions.

Ford reserves the right to change of any information on policy of information protection without giving notice to customers in advance. The update information on policy of information protection can always be checked at or at customer service centre.