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Ford Thailand

Today, Ford has become a major force in the automotive industry in Thailand "The Detroit of Asia", and Ford intends to boost production further to grow its business and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. However the beginning was not so smooth.

In 1960 Ford was first established in Thailand. At that time, the Thai Motor Industry Company was formed as a joint venture between Anglo-Thai Motors and Ford U.K. and this company rapidly began assembly operations. Later in 1973 the joint venture was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary, Ford Thailand. However, the company decided to cease operations in 1976.

With typical determination, Ford re-entered the Thai market in 1995 with the formation of the Auto Alliance Co., Ltd. located in Rayong province. Auto Alliance is owned jointly by Ford (48 percent) Mazda (45 percent), KPN (2 percent) and SMC (5 percent). The facility represents a $500 million investment and produces Ford Ranger pick-up trucks and Mazda Fighter B-series.

Ford Sales & Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1996. It is administered by US Ford Motor which holds 100% of its shares. This company is responsible for all Ford marketing activities in Thailand controlling nationwide sales distribution. This enables Ford to study the demands of Thai consumers so that Thai owners can expect only the best performance from their Ford vehicle. Only highly qualified leaders are appointed to be Ford Sales & Service Dealers in Thailand to achieve the company goal of complete consumer satisfaction.

In July 1998, Auto Alliance (Thailand) launched Ford Ranger at a new facility in Rayong province. Annual production for this vehicle was planned for 130,000 units comprising 100,000 assembled vehicles and 30,000 component hits for export to other assembly locations.

Looking ahead, Ford Thailand will continue with its historic innovative record with constant investment and positive contribution to environmental care. Ford is a world pioneer in gasohol technology and the company in Thailand is working hard to introduce that technology in Thailand in the future for the benefit of car owners.

Ford investment in the future of Thailand:

Ford has invested over $500 million in three new companies in Thailand.

  • Auto Alliance (Thailand) was formed in March 2000. Ford launched into the Thai market, Ford Laser and Mazda 323 produced by Auto Alliance. The annual capacity was planned for 130,000 units comprising 100,000 assembled vehicles for sale in Thailand and other Asia-Pacific markets outside North America, plus 30,000 component kits for export to other assembly locations. Auto Alliance (Thailand) is a joint venture with Mazda and other local partners.

  • Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) All sales and marketing activities in Thailand are handled by this national sales company. Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) was formed to put Ford into the best position to provide Thai customers with an outstanding experience of vehicle ownership.
    Ford's Service "2000" program was launched by the company to complement its Customer Assistance Center. Service offered by this center included a Bangkok hot line and toll-free access from all provinces. It also offered a dealer-operated mobile service fleet. A new Service Training Center was established to ensure superior service. About 90 dealers have been established and the new dealership drive will continue.

  • Ford Operations (Thailand) Formed October 1996: Ford Operations (Thailand) is a support organization for Ford-affiliated companies in Thailand and supports selected activities in the region.

NOTE: The reference production estimates were made in 2000. These figures may need to be updated.